Due to the current pandemic and not being able to mix year groups we have changed the way the buddies have been working. Instead of having buddies from mainly years 5 and 6, we have decided to have buddies throughout the whole school. There are two buddies per class, which means that every playtime and lunchtime there are buddies on duty to help children who have no one to play with, play new games and to be a helping hand on the playground.

The children in years 3 and 4 have been delighted with the new responsibility and applied through an application process where they had to share a game which they would play and some adjectives to describe what they think a buddy should have.

Not only this, but we also now have reading buddies who work in the Starbooks café, these are the same children as the playground buddies. They have a split rota for when they are on duty on the playground and when they are on reading duty in the café. Their job is to read to children in their year group, who as a group decide on the book together from a box of books which meets the year group’s needs. At the end of the session there is the chance to do a book review and to recommend the book to other children either in the café or in the classroom.