Art Vision   (Subject Lead: Miss. C. Foxall)


At Alexandra Junior School, our vision is to provide opportunities for children to express themselves through a range of artistic mediums that facilitates their abilities to explore, understand and share the world around them. Our Art curriculum has been carefully integrated into our children’s wider learning, particularly in history and geography to develop and consolidate their artistic techniques and skills. In doing so, our children widen their historical and geographical knowledge and are provided with enjoyable, stimulating and immersive learning experiences.


Art is often seen as a means of exploring our own interests and passions in life. Embedded within our daily life in school is our Alexandra Promise to our pupils and our school context-based drivers, the 5Es (Excel- be awesome, Embrace yourself, Explore the world, Engage with others, Express yourself). Art is a driver for unique expression and interpretation, it often plays a vital role in their own personal development and encompasses the qualities of our 5Es.


We aim to make art an enjoyable, practical experience that encourages all children to participate in a range of activities. During their time at Alexandra Junior School, all children will build their skills in art around drawing, colour, texture, form, printing and pattern by exploring various historical and artistic context.


At Alexandra Junior School it is our belief that all children have an equal right to a broad and balanced curriculum, which enables them to meet their full potential. Through our teaching we provide learning opportunities that enable all pupils to make good progress. We strive hard to meet the needs of those pupils with special educational needs, those with disabilities, those who are deemed more-able and talented and those learning English as an additional language, and we make all reasonable adjustments to achieve this. Art is a fantastic way for pupils who may find wider learning challenging to build their confidence and believe in their capabilities. At our school, it is important that talented artists are recognised and encouraged in their creative pursuits. By providing these opportunities, we ensure that our children are motivated, confident, life-long learners who will continue to express themselves through the arts into later life.


We welcome you to review the Intent and Implementation documents to see how the Art curriculum is put into practice.


Subject Lead Statement


At Alexandra Junior School, Art is led and managed by myself, Mr. Wilkinson. We believe that Art is an important driver for all subjects that can allow all children to access their learning and engage in History and Geography topics fully. The skills taught and built upon in Art celebrate individuality and a sense of identity. We all have a different idea of what is Art, and here at Alexandra Juniors, we welcome the unique flare and viewpoint of every child.


We aim for all Art lessons to be meaningful and purposeful, building upon prior skills and techniques taught in lower year groups, that allow them to explore a range of technicalities around drawing, texture, pattern, colour, form and printing. Standalone lessons are importantly taught for an entire half term three times across the academic year to ensure each pupil leaves their year group with a secure knowledge and understanding of the different mediums and skills need to progress and flourish in the following year.


Each year group will also be able to explore and engage with the work of famous artists within the field of Art they are currently exploring. This again, will allow all of our children to develop an appreciation of style and technique, as well as give them a chance to replicate and further styles.

Art News

Recently we have had the opportunity for a graffiti artist to come and work with us to create amazing pieces of art linked to our school’s 5Es!
We have also been looking at famous artists and have tried to recreate their art styles in our art lessons.

Art at Home

If you want to practicse your artwork at home you can take a look at the following videos to help you.