Attendance is key here at Alexandra Junior School. We will do everything we can to support parents and carers to make sure all children can enjoy their entitlement to a full education. If you encounter any difficulties in ensuring your child is in school on time every day, please don’t hesitate to contact our Attendance Champions, Mrs Lambert Eardley or Mr Müller on 01782 235377.

We are particularly proud of the attendance of children in our school that face additional challenges like those suffering from mental health issues or children with SEND. Their attendance is at least on a par with their peers and is testament to the individualised approach we are taking and the external support we draw on where necessary to support each child.

For those children who have missed learning we aim to support their transition back by our newly conceived “catch all” provision where we for instance put 1:1 tuition aside to feedback lost learning, provide home learning catch up through google classroom or team those children up with peers to discuss what they have missed.


Here is the testimony of some of our parents about why they value excellent attendance:

Our gates open at 8:15am and the children can play or visit our free breakfast club.

The official school day for Y4 and Y6 starts at 8:40am and finishes at 3:10pm.

The official school day for Y3 and Y5 starts at 8:50am and finishes at 3:20pm.

Registers close 30 minutes after the official start time and any child arriving after either 9:10am (Y4 and Y6) or 9:20am (Y3 and Y5) receive a late mark “U” which affects their overall attendance.


As a school we celebrate good attendance regularly. Every week a class can win an extra playtime by achieving best attending class for the week. Children termly can win attendance certificates for excellent attendance. Class discussions and assemblies throughout the year focus on the importance of punctuality and regular attendance. The year is interspersed with special attendance initiatives like the “full five weeks” challenge or extra prices for 100% attendance for a term.