Modern Foreign Language: MFL

Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Vision   (Subject Lead: Mr C. Wilkinson)


At Alexandra Junior School, we develop successful learners who gain experiences with other languages and cultures. Our vision for Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) is to teach French to all our children in a fun and interactive way as part of an engaging learning experience. The emphasis for our French curriculum is fun, interaction and repetition so pupils deepen their learning through enjoyable and meaningful learning experiences.


Embedded within our daily life in school is our Alexandra Promise to our pupils and our school context-based drivers, the 5Es (Excel- be awesome, Embrace yourself, Explore the world, Engage with others, Express yourself) Our aim is to ensure that all children make good progress through engagement and inspirational teaching and tasks. We encourage the children to develop skills and apply these in a variety of ways of communicating in a different language. Many of our pupils speak English as an additional language. By encouraging pupils to embrace their MFL learning, we are celebrating the ability to speak multiple languages and its uses in everyday life.


At the end of their journey through primary school, children will have been exposed to developing French vocabulary that enables children to use incidental French with other children and adults. Children have opportunities to share their learning in a variety of ways, such as displays and class presentations ensuring that they leave Alexandra Juniors as responsible, happy citizens with an understanding of a foreign language and its culture.


We welcome you to review the Curriculum and Pedagogy documents to see how the MFL curriculum is put into practice.

Subject Lead Statement


Here at Alexandra Junior School, Modern Foreign Languages is led and managed by myself, Mr. Obada. Across the school, we believe that MFL is a vital part of school life, integral in various moments throughout the school day.


We aim for all MFL lessons to be meaningful and exciting by ensuring we teach in a variety of ways such as through songs, rhymes and traditional stories in another language. By doing so, learning is remembered and key phrases are imbedded into our children’s minds. As previously mentioned, across the school day, incidental French is also brought into lessons through such things as counting, classroom instructions and doing the register. In doing so, students have the means to practise, apply and consolidate their French knowledge.


MFL is a developing subject at Alexandra Junior School, I am excited to work with my fellow teachers to innovate our curriculum to enhance all learning experiences.