School Council

Our School Council is a group of children who have been elected by their peers to represent them in Council meetings.

They meet often to discuss issues they feel are important to the other children and to the wider school community.

These ideas are discussed with the Head teacher to see if, and how, they can be implemented and shared with the school.

Within the last year, the school council have been up to lots of exciting things such as coming up with various fundraising ideas, for both in school projects or taking part in events such as Children In Need, and have even been on a number of trips, including taking harvest goods to the food bank, taking a trip to Stoke Town Hall to be part of local democracy week and being a part of a Remembrance service at Stoke Minster.

Children in Need

A massive thank you to everyone who helped to support Children in Need this year, either by wearing your pajamas (or non-uniform) or buy purchasing one of the cupcakes, decorated by Year 6.

We managed to raise £174.30 which will go towards helping this fantastic charity.

Recently, three members of the School Council went to the Kings Hall in Stoke to take part in Local Democracy week.  They talked about how to keep children safe on their way to school, as this is an issue many of our children are concerned about. We also got the opportunity to look around the Lord Mayor’s Chambers and meet the Lord Mayor herself! 
The school council took your generous donations to the Food Bank in Blurton.   Once there, they unpacked and marked up the food ready to help those who visit the food bank so that they have food to feed to their families.
Thank you once again.