Curriculum Vision   (Curriculum Lead: Miss J. Rowe)


Alexandra Junior School curriculum is committed to providing an exciting personalised curriculum, which is centred around developing the individual pupil, with an emphasis on healthy minds, bodies and well-being. Rooted at the heart of our curriculum is language development. We ensure that pupils are immersed in a range of opportunities to develop their oracy skills with a particular focus on developing vocabulary. We place equal importance on academic developments and personal development. Our curriculum, which is progressive, ensures that prior knowledge provides the anchor for future learning opportunities. Retrieval of knowledge is a key component so that learning is embedded into long term memory. We are determined to ensure that our curriculum provides breadth, balance and depth for every learner across all areas of the curriculum.


Driving our curriculum, are the following five principles – our 5 Es: Excel – be awesome; Embrace yourself; Explore the world; Engage with others and Express yourself. These drivers support children’s personal development and well-being. They encourage pupils to aim high, know themselves, be curious, work collaboratively, and be articulate.


Our curriculum fully enables the children to develop their cultural capital by fostering knowledge, skills and values and bringing them to life! We successfully integrate and support British Values in all aspects of school and are proud to be part of British society. Our curriculum develops the use of pupil voice and their ability to promote change.


Our curriculum is designed to be aspirational and to open up the world for them to explore. Children at Alexandra Junior School are empowered to achieve their dreams; we believe that everyone has the potential to be extraordinary. We develop growth mind set and a love of learning and value the risks involved to ensure that children become resilient and confident; knowing how to manage their emotions when striving to achieve. Our curriculum enables the children to gain a common body of knowledge to which they are entitled to, set out within the National Curriculum. Our key concepts and progression in these support a deeper understanding for our children.


Underpinning our curriculum and opportunities is our Alexandra Promise to pupils. This promise sets out a wide range of developmentally appropriate experiences, that we firmly believe every child should experience as they grow up. These are integrated within our curriculum from year 3 – 6.


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