We just received the report from an external monitoring of the quality of teaching and learning in our school we had commissioned. Mrs Campbell, an ex-Ofsted Inspector made amongst many others, the following comments about children, teachers and leaders in the school:

Behaviour for Learning throughout the review was exemplary. Classes were calm and purposeful and pupils were very engaged in their studies. Pupils are articulate and extremely polite towards visitors. Kindness and support is shared from peer to peer;

Within Maths lessons pupils are highly engaged and focussed. They have great confidence in their own ability ‘I’m really good at Maths’ (female Y3) ‘It’s my favourite subject, because I’m quite clever’ (male Y5). This is not empty pride; the pupils are knowledgeable.

Teachers are extremely clear in their spoken language and this is mirrored by pupils. During the day all pupils are confident to speak and are highly articulate. They speak in full sentences and listen carefully to one another taking turns appropriately.

The school leaders are highly professional, knowledgeable and have built a school based upon respect and collaboration for both teachers and pupils.